Love And Death 101

Michael's dabbling in insurance fraud, and Amanda's about to have a lot more time to assist him.

The members of D&D’s board of directors have taken notice of Amanda’s increasing number of absences, and they’ve decided on a course of action: canning her and installing Alison in her place. It takes less than a day for Alison to learn that part of what made Amanda so surly in the role was the demands of the job. Desperate not to run into Alison, Amanda begs Michael to get her out of the complex, so he sends Kimberly to Minnesota to interview for a job at the Mayo Clinic so that Amanda can stay at the beach house in her absence. At the same time, Michael’s also running a scam on the city, claiming the car accident five million episodes ago was caused by dangerous road conditions. He’s close to a settlement, but Kimberly knows nothing about the lawsuit and is signing a bunch of papers he hands her without reading them because, apparently, she’s forgotten…everything about her husband. Jake gets a call from an old friend in Washington State: Jake’s mother has died, and he’s stressed about going back and facing the older half-brother he’s never mentioned — including never in the entire time he was dating Jo, apparently. But she offers to go with him to lend moral support, and he’s going to need it, because Jess (Dan Cortese!) has a big chip on his shoulder about Jake moving away and wants to make sure Jake knows at every possible opportunity. Get out your notebooks: class is in session with our podcast on “Love And Death 101”!