Love, Mancini Style

Sydney and Michael go on their honeymoon...but will both of them make it back?

After Michael’s ominous parting line to him at the end of the last episode, Matt is pretty sure Michael is taking Sydney up north to murder her, and as we know, he’s not actually wrong. He’s just going to have a hard time (a) tracking them down to the resort in the High Sierras that they happen to be staying in, and (b) convincing law enforcement that these newlyweds are out of sight for reasons other than that they’re having tons of sex. Michael makes a couple of attempts on Sydney’s life before Matt gets to the right cabin with the cavalry, but did he make it in time?! As Jo’s pregnancy progresses, she is increasingly haunted by visions of Reed, in both her sleeping and waking hours. (Reed is also on Jake’s mind, as he attends the police auction where the Pretty Lady is sold with designs on convincing the winning bidder to let him use the vessel for a charter business, just like Reed told Jake he was planning to do.) Jake convinces Jo that she won’t have peace until she gets closure on Reed, or whatever spectral version of him remains. When she’s not helping Jo find Reed’s barely marked grave, Alison whines about Billy’s refusal to participate in planning their wedding and general lack of romantic effort since locking her down with his proposal. To reignite the spark, Alison hits upon a scheme guaranteed to make Billy irritable, and he’s probably not the only one. Freer than the land of the free, it’s our podcast on “Love, Mancini Style”!