Love Reeks

Another Star-verse couple tries to get married in Vegas...but do they actually succeed?

After her assault by Chris, Sydney staggers back to Jake’s to tell him what happened. This time he’s ready to report the news directly to Jane instead of telling it to Jo and hoping it gets back to her, but he’s not going to get the chance: Jane and Chris have gone to Las Vegas for the weekend, and when we rejoin them there, we find out that Chris is proceeding with his plans and proposing marriage, which she joyfully accepts! As soon as she hears where they are, Sydney knows what Chris is doing, and decides her best bet to derail his plans is to throw Michael at them — officially because of their business association, but really because Michael will never stop trying to control Jane. Back in L.A., love is breaking out all over D&D! When Peter sends Amanda a giant bouquet of roses, she’s put off by the gesture, but Alison encourages her to give him a chance. Peter’s own attempt not to spook Amanda by asking her on a double date to the Hollywood Bowl leads Amanda to invite Billy and the lady of his choice to join them — what about Susan? Stupid Susan lets Billy overrule all her concerns, and since they both have terrible op sec, Alison catches them kissing in the courtyard. Jo continues to struggle financially with the custody hearing looming; matters aren’t helped when she ends up in the hospital and learns the stress of her situation has her gestating an ulcer along with a fetus. Can you smell what we’re cooking? It’s a podcast all about “Love Reeks”!