Mama Mia

The Mancini matriarch visits, bringing fresh New Jersey pastries and also high jinks.

We join Jennifer just as she’s absorbing horrifying news: Mia Mancini, mother to Jennifer and Michael, is coming for a visit — just as her children’s lives are falling apart! Michael has to do some fancy footwork to explain why he doesn’t want to bring Mia to his office, but it works, and when Mia mistakes Billy for Craig, Jennifer just decides to run with it! Billy is more willing to play along than he might otherwise be since Sam is preoccupied: landing Jeff Baylor means committing to have her run his campaign, and although Jeff knows she’s married, he maaaaaybe doesn’t care, and maybe Sam doesn’t either what with Billy being such a jerk to her all the time. Taylor guides Amanda to finding out more information about Christine, but slightly overplays her hand by telling Amanda things only Nick knew, which Amanda then repeats to Kyle. But everything changes when Kyle very belatedly receives a letter Christine wrote him years ago. Thomas only has one scene, but he makes it count: Sterling Conway Enterprises has acquired either GloveCo or its heart valve division, meaning Lexi and Coop are going to be partners again! In business…for now. Here we go again: we’ve brought you a podcast on “Mama Mia”!