Married To It

Sydney holds fast to her pledge not to release Michael from his fornication obligations, but things don't turn out the way she hopes.

Everything’s coming up Sydney! She’s got a job! (At Shooters, where else.) She’s somehow figured out how to check Kimberly’s hospital schedule, so she knows when to go by the beach house and cozy up to Michael! She is, in fact, doing exactly that (because Michael can say he doesn’t want to bone her anymore, but confronting her fully naked body in front of him on his deck is a test his resolve cannot pass) when Kimberly comes home and finds them in bed! This touches of a shitstorm: Kimberly tells Jane. Jane disowns Sydney. Kimberly kicks Michael out — and, when he ignores her, moves out of the beach house herself. Michael tries mooching his way back into Kimberly’s heart with a big showy gift of flowers, but when that doesn’t work, he takes it out on Jane, embarrassing her at a dinner party with Robert’s parents, unintentionally setting Robert up to be Jane’s hero some more. Poor Sydney thinks that isolating Michael from his previous two lady friends means he’ll have no choice but to pick back up with her by default, but it seems she’s miscalculated this game of seven-dimensional chess. The time has come for Matt and Dr. Russia to start selling their story to the INS, which is why it’s very bad timing for Matt to meet a cute art dealer who’s not totally sure he wants to sign on to Matt’s whole complicated situation. And as Jo and Steve continue hanging out — even as Steve is making it perfectly clear, at least to Alison, that Jo is his second choice — Alison’s terrible poker face keeps giving away her true feelings about him. Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to witness our podcast on “Married To It”!