McBride’s Head Revisited

Lexi and Michael risk eternal damnation when their high jinks implicate The Lord.

Things are going badly enough for Megan that she decides to take Amanda up on that job offer after all: if Ryan no longer has any feelings for Megan, then Megan can turn her feelings for Ryan off too. That’s fine with Amanda, since it means she can wring all of Lexi’s business secrets out of Megan and gain a competitive advantage — which is probably overestimating both how much Megan retained at her fake job, and…how much was available for her even to try to learn about. Lexi isn’t aware of all these machinations until much later, however, because she’s still running her own schemes, now with Michael: rifling through Ryan’s apartment together tips them to Poughkeepsie as the locus for Ryan’s big secret, so off they go to investigate further in person. Eve and Peter have been so horny since all this surprise oil money came into their lives that Peter suggests they…not do anything with it and go back to their old jobs? That lasts about three hours until Kyle gives Eve the chance to buy into full partnership at the rock & roll club, and also run it. Peter is indulgent about this, perhaps because he’s actually got some big plans of his own. Grab a rosary and join us for our podcast on “McBride’s Head Revisited”!