Melrose Impossible

Between getting rid of Alison and getting rid of Michael, Amanda's really got her hands full.

Brooke and Amanda’s plot to depose Alison gets a convenient boost when a rep for D&D’s latest very important client happens to have a connection to Brooke’s father: she’s able to leverage what she knows about his past to manipulate Alison into pitching a concept that will, shall we say, not land. Meanwhile, Amanda is ALSO being set upon constantly by Michael, trying to talk her into seeing him again with compliments, begging, threats, and pasta. Kimberly has decided to change her situation by enrolling in an intensive program called No More Victims, which aims to teach her and her fellow boot campers how to regain control of their lives and learn to assert themselves. (We’re not sure Kimberly’s problem is that she was insufficiently assertive, but…sure!) Sydney approaches Jane with an offer to save the design firm with Sydney’s ill-gotten insurance-settlement gains, and Jane is so desperate that she accepts, even on extremely unfavorable terms. And the more Jo tries to resist Jess’s advances, the closer he gets. You may find it impossible to resist our podcast on “Melrose Impossible”!