Melrose Is Like A Box Of Chocolates

Jake's unhealthy reaction to his grief drives Sydney toward Peter and Michael's new practice, while Peter distinguishes himself as one of Wilshire Memorial's most upstanding employees. Yes: Peter!

Things are starting to get back to normal-ish at the complex: with the place under construction, Amanda has arranged for the tenants in the intact apartments to billet the ones whose apartments were ruined…and invited herself to Sydney’s place. This is only one of Sydney’s problems this week, however: instead of talking to Jo, the only other person affected by Jess’s death, Jake is self-medicating with booze and alienating everyone who loves him — including Sydney, whom he fires when he judges her insufficiently festive at the bombing survivors’ party he throws. Good thing Peter and Michael need a receptionist! Speaking of whom: while Michael remains skeptical of his motives, Peter continues trying to help Kimberly, mostly to no avail: Kimberly won’t co-operate with a court psychiatrist’s assessment of her sanity, and Amanda refuses his request that she not file stalking charges against Kimberly. Meanwhile, Matt doesn’t help his case by confronting Paul at the hospital and punching him in front of a cafeteria’s worth of witnesses. Alison, rooming with Jane, gets on board with Jane’s plan for them both to get ahead in life by becoming totally obnoxious girlbosses, starting by getting Amanda to give her back her job at D&D. Brooke isn’t happy to learn that this means she’s actually going to be sharing a job with her mortal enemy, and impetuously quits: she doesn’t need a job when her marriage has knocked down the last hurdle standing between her and her inheritance from her mother! And Jane’s attempts to throw her weight around at the Mackenzie Hart offices earn more scorn from Richard. Grab a park bench and join us for our podcast on “Melrose Is Like A Box Of Chocolates”!