Mission: Interpersonal

Kimberly has to deal with some shocking health news...again.

Michael is more obsessed than ever with figuring out what Megan’s trying so hard to hide from him, eventually memorizing her license plate number and finding out where she actually lives. She manages to stonewall him until he follows her to an appointment and she’s forced into a confession. Elsewhere, Kimberly finds out what Dr. Stein found during her physical: she has an inoperable brain tumor, and a three-month prognosis. How will she tell Michael…or will she tell him anything at all? (Matt is also around, still trying to get things going with Dr. Dan.) Following her big disclosure at the end of the previous episode, Taylor convinces Peter to keep their connection secret from their spouses: Kyle can get so jealous, and it’s not like there will ever even be anything for him to get jealous about! Amanda’s work trip to Portland gives Taylor plenty of time to continue creeping on Peter, though now her creepitude is freighted with more meaning and history. She should possibly spend less time focusing on Peter and more time noticing how much attention Sydney has been paying Kyle. The Jane/Jake/Alison conflict finally reaches a climax that is deeply embarrassing for Jane. And while Samantha and Billy have already dealt with one stumbling block in the form of Billy’s distasteful personality, they now have to face another one, named Craig. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to listen to our new podcast on “Mission: Interpersonal”!