Moving Violations

Some people move in; some people move out; one person moves to another plane of existence.

Things are looking bleak for Peter’s defense: Kimberly still hasn’t recovered her memory, and when she gets coerced into testifying anyway, her sketchy story only makes his case look worse. You know who sure is interested in all of this for someone who, officially, doesn’t know Peter at all? Taylor, whose need to start sniffing around the courtroom draws suspicion from Kyle, and also sticks him with all the work of moving into their new apartment. Alison is moving too, and Billy is both eager to impose his assistance on her and strangely put-upon about participating in a process no one asked him to be involved in. Michael also gets wise to Matt’s theft of his prescription pad, but his threats come too late for Matt to have attracted the suspicion of his attending physician. Out in the woods, Richard is about as well prepared for his murderous activities as Jane was — which is to say, not at all. All the confusion ends up requiring Samantha to get embroiled, again, and while she is starting to worry about throwing her lot in — at both work and home — with an apparent criminal, is she anywhere near as worried as she should be? Don’t move: we’ve brought you a podcast on “Moving Violations”!