M.P. Confidential & The Nasty Minded Professor

The parentage of Taylor's fetus is but one contentious matter in the two-part S06 finale!

Coop brings Megan to Philadelphia for the last phase of his job interview. Will she elude Larner’s clutches? Michael can’t keep the secret of Taylor’s pregnancy, and neither can Jennifer. Once Kyle finds out, will he and Michael be able to test its paternity without letting Taylor find out the truth? Peter’s stress level goes so far through the roof that the hospital’s psychiatrist lends Peter his cabin to chill out. Will he remain chill once Michael follows him there? Rory is still working his angles with Amanda. Does she actually hate herself enough to let him? And Jennifer is getting increasingly territorial about Billy. Will she finally just tell him what Sam has actually been doing with Jeff, since Billy has somehow remained the very last carbon-based life form on Earth to find out? All these questions AND MORE are answered in the gigantic Season 6 finale, so get comfortable while our latest podcast tells you all about “M.P. Confidential” and “The Nasty Minded Professor”! (For the record, that’s the show’s missing hyphen between “Nasty” and “Minded,” not ours.)