My Little Coma Girl

Kyle refuses to believe Amanda didn't trade sex for her agency. Billy doesn't help.

After the previous episode’s cliffhanger gets resolved, Amanda must do damage control, trying her very best to convince Kyle that she did NOT accept Eric’s offer even though, yes, when Kyle kicked his way into Eric’s suite, she WAS in bed with him, naked. Then Billy stops by Kyle’s to tell him that a bunch of their clients have come back, and whatever Amanda did, it’s working. Hey, Billy? STAY OUT OF IT. Taylor keeps hoping unrest between Kyle and Amanda will mean she can slide back in with him. While Megan remains comatose, Coop is (unsurprisingly) drawn to her; at the same time, he and Michael wrangle over who gets to keep the bedside vigil. Lexi has gotten her prescription refilled, yet we’re not sure the writers know what effect Valium has on a patient. Finally, the wedding draws ever closer, putting stress on Jennifer to find a date who will make Craig jealous, and causing Connie to get more direct about her feelings. Wake up! We made you a podcast on “My Little Coma Girl”!