My Way

Sandy books a horror movie, but it's everyone around her that really wants to scream.

Sandy does her mentor Charles Nelson Reilly proud by nailing her audition for a horror movie and booking the part. Naturally, her friends and neighbours are thrilled for her, but when she has to blow off their surprise party for a networking bash in the Hollywood Hills, everyone starts being a little less thrilled for her. Sandy’s own excitement starts to ebb when she gets to the set and finds out the director wants to shoot her topless. Billy realizes he can’t blow off his father’s birthday party, largely because his sisters already decided to, so he tries to minimize the hassle his dad is going to give him about his career by bringing Alison (though he’s also kind of forced to given that he’s told his parents she’s his girlfriend). Instead of standing firm with his father about pursuing his writing, Billy decides to honour the deal they’d made, and spend a year working in the family furniture store, though maybe his father wouldn’t have pushed it if he’d known Billy planned to bitch about it the whole time. Speaking of furniture: Michael injures himself trying to move a dresser, and overestimates his ability to use his body while it’s injured, finally admitting to Jane that he’s trying to keep her from having to exert herself in any way during her pregnancy. We’ll discuss more, much more than this, in our podcast on “My Way”!