Nice Work If You Can Get It

Kyle finally puts his foot down about Peter, and Taylor does not like it (or listen to him).

The promise of regaining Wilshire Memorial’s Chief of Staff job has Peter re-energized about his career. He’s even going back into the OR! Sadly, his good mood sours quickly, and when Amanda’s not around to comfort him, he turns to…well, not the next best thing, but the thing that’s around all the time: Taylor. Her contact with Peter is in direct contravention of Kyle’s clear request that she stop spending time with Peter for the sake of her marriage, and is sick of her weaseling out of disputes by throwing his infidelity in his face. Meanwhile, Amanda — the one who first alerted Kyle that he should be suspicious of the time Taylor spends with Peter — is tied up with work stuff. Now that Craig has learned that he’s the majority shareholder at D&D, he’s ready to start making changes immediately. Since this means a huge demotion for Amanda, she goes behind Craig’s back to the old man, who asks her to play along with Craig’s big plans for the sake of Amanda’s money, and Arthur’s. Craig might not even notice any duplicity on Amanda’s part since he’s pretty focused on Samantha, to Billy’s chagrin. Jane heads home to Chicago to visit her parents and complain about the mess she’s made of her life. A conversation at Mrs. Andrews’s medical appointment forces her to tell Jane something she apparently hoped she and Mr. Andrews would never have to admit: Jane is adopted! Back in Los Angeles, Megan is settling nicely into mistress life (though she does note that Michael’s being very controlling). After Kimberly busts in on Michael and Megan, “discovering” their relationship, Michael moves out of the beach house and Kimberly prepares to brief Megan on Phase 2 of their scheme. But Megan’s uncomfortable keeping the secret of Kimberly’s diagnosis from him, and her insistence on spilling forces Kimberly to make a shocking pivot. Finally, Matt finally talks Dr. Dan into bed, and Jake renews his suggestion that Alison join him as the half owner of Shooters. You can get our nice podcast on “Nice Work If You Can Get It” right now!