No Lifeguard On Duty

Brooke takes her last dip in the Melrose Place pool.

While Sarah takes one more week away, we are thrilled that Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan of can join us once again…. As Brooke’s life rapidly unravels, no one cares except her mortal enemy Alison, who encourages Billy to help Brooke out financially (he does; she refuses) before finding Brooke living in her car and ordering her to come live with Alison instead. Brooke repays this kindness exactly the way you’d expect: by acting entitled to it and taking advantage of her restored proximity to mess with Billy. Peter is now scheming against Bobby on two fronts: in addition to trying to mooch information out of Alycia by dating her, he also hires Sydney for a side gig in sexspionage. Michael and Kimberly find themselves drawn back together by an extremely unlikely plot device. Jane complicates her relationship with Jo by setting up her new design studio in Jake’s garage (???), depriving Jo of a parking space for her car. And Matt continues bristling at the restrictions that come with dating a closeted actor. Dive in to our podcast on “No Lifegard On Duty”!