No Strings Attached

Jake leaves L.A. to try to find finding his biological father.

While Jo and Amanda fret about where he could have gone, Jake turns up at the door of one Vince Connors (total Hey! It’s That Guy! Raymond J. Barry). They’ve never met, but they know each other: Connors is Jake’s biological father. Connors thinks Jake is in town to shake him down, but Jake just wants to spend some time with him, so Connors invites him over for a family dinner under the pretext that Jake is his old frat brother’s son. Mrs. Connors’s hospitality overrides Jake’s promise that he would blow town again as soon as the plates had been cleared. Will biological father and son be able to forge a relationship deeper than mere DNA? The show’s writers remember that they seeded a storyline about Chris being horny for Sydney a couple of episode and get around to paying it off: he’s making obscene phone calls and groping her when Jane can’t see him, knowing that Sydney’s credibility is nearly at an all-time low. After Alison’s complaints about Elizabeth get her fired, Jo encourages Alison to move on like Billy did — immediately, with Mitch, a tall, blond stranger who’s been eyeing her down at Shooters. Is this going to lead anywhere? In fairness to her, he gives her every indication that it will! But there may still be a tough lesson in this for Alison to learn. And at the hospital, Dr. Levin is out as Chief of Staff, as we officially kick off the Age of Dr. Peter Burns. Ditch all your obligations and join us for our podcast on “No Strings Attached”!