No Time For Sperm Banks

Business at the practice somehow gets EVEN MORE chaotic.

Coop has not only taken Michael up on his invitation to join the medical practice — he brings in a contractor to start talking about knocking down walls before he’s even met Peter! Who by the way isn’t thrilled to have this development sprung on him. Michael has MANY problems other than his business partner’s rage: Megan gets him to enter couples’ therapy, where they are challenged not to lie to each other for 48 whole hours. And: Taylor’s plan to get artificially inseminated goes off the rails due to a problem at the sperm bank. Wherever will she find more sperm before she’s done ovulating?! Peter also has some other plots cooking: after Amanda mentioned in passing that she might want to start her own new ad agency, Peter’s enlisted Billy to come up with a prospectus, and believes that if he can just give Amanda the money to get it off the ground, she’ll fall in love with him again for sure. Not thrilled with this plan: Sam, who is worried about what Craig will do if he suffers another huge loss. And she’s not alone. No need to fill out a withdrawal slip: our podcast on “No Time For Sperm Banks” is here!