Non-Sexual Healing

Michael screws over his ex-wives while trying to please the future wife who may not actually want him that much anymore.

Now that Kimberly and Michael have gotten past the times each of them almost killed the other and are now fully committed to marriage, he’s going to need to finalize his divorce from Sydney, as Kimberly reminds him. (Though the second she does, he lets her know that, actually, he doesn’t want to leave Los Angeles the way she had planned for them to do before he got his memory back, and also, he expects her to start waiting on him like a good little wifey, so how much she will still want to be the third Mrs. Mancini after a few weeks of this treatment is tbd.) Sydney tries to play hardball but can’t think of anything Michael could give her. Chris can: Michael could give her his share of Jane’s business, which Sydney could then sell back to Jane. Sydney seems ambivalent of giving Jane a win, and resists Jane’s calls not to negotiate with Michael without a lawyer present, but for the second time in two episodes, people trying to represent themselves really do have fools for clients! After receiving a mysterious videotape from Palmer indicating that he went out on the Pretty Lady with Jake, Amanda finds out that the vessel blew up, and that it’s presumed that there are no survivors. (Dealing with Alison and Billy’s petty crap — now revolving around Billy’s attraction to their new assistant, Elizabeth — does not prove to be a welcome respite from her worries.) But were the cops at the marina right? Or should the Coast Guard probably keep searching…? We’ve got your prescription: it’s our podcast on “Non-Sexual Healing”!