Not Quite All About Eve

A chanteuse aspiring to headline the club is, immediately, a handful.

When Peter makes a whole scene at the not-jazz club keeping Lexi from telling Amanda what she knows about Peter, Kyle figures out that he might be able to confirm his vague suspicions about Peter by joining forces with her, even going to her fake office to arm-grab her about it. Lexi keeps it to herself…for now. When Kyle’s not laser-focused on taking Peter down, he’s taking down Eve, a Lilith Fair manquée trying to book a gig at the club. When she collapses in the parking lot downstairs, Amanda takes an uncharacteristic interest in her. Ryan’s interest is still on Megan: refusing to take no for an answer when he asks her out, he forces her to bring Lexi as a chaperone on the date he bullies her into accepting. And Michael is STILL suspicious that Jane is going to cheat on him with Alex, and sets traps to try to prove himself right, some more. Listen to our latest episode to hear all about “Not Quite All About Eve”!