Of Bikes And Men

The Mancini divorce proceedings get underway, but one of the deponents lacks conviction. (Legal jargon!)

Jane barely has time to get mad at Sydney for snitching on her and Sam to Michael before it’s time for depositions to start in the case of Mancini v. Mancini! Jane is horrified when Michael starts confidently presenting Jane’s relationship with Sam as though it started that time Sam kissed her, months ago, and never stopped; Jane’s lawyer (Steven Eckholdt!) isn’t thrilled to have the news of Sam’s existence sprung on him this way. Michael is confident that his masterful lies will carry the day, but since he requires Kimberly to corroborate them, he might be a little too cocky. (Yes — Michael!) After a good night’s sleep, Jo wakes up and decides Jake probably didn’t commit insurance fraud. He’s still hurt that she ever doubted him at all, but they get past it, and he proceeds to another interview with the insurance adjuster, during which Jake somehow figures out that, actually, he did leave the blowtorch on a little. Stung by his own fuckup, he comes home to tell Jo, who (again) focuses on her lost investment, and Jake LOSES HIS MIND, wrecking the apartment and especially the fridge. Jo kicks him out, telling him the next day it’s because she promised herself she’d never live with another violent man, and though she subsequently wishes she could take it back because she doesn’t actually think Jake would hit her, Jake is too upset, and it seems as though they really are done for good. Billy (improbably) gets assigned to interview a publicity-shy hotel magnate (no such thing) and asks Alison to come, only telling her as they are parking that he wasn’t supposed to bring a guest so she’ll have to hide (this is credible, from Billy). Unfortunately, Alison’s overreaction to a free stay in a five-star hotel with some minor inconveniences — like eating dinner with a book instead of with Billy is such a hardship — make her just as hard to root for as does Billy’s gross unprofessionalism. Finally, it’s time for Matt’s “date” with Dr. Katya. But how will he tell her that his dates generally aren’t of the female variety without hurting her feelings?! Roll on into our podcast on “Of Bikes And Men”!