Otherwise Engaged

After Sydney's wedding plans comes to fruition, Michael hatches an even more diabolical plan of his own.

After informing Michael that she’s going to use her knowledge of his part in Kimberly’s death to force him into marrying her, no one is happy about it — not Jane; not Sydney and Jane’s mother, who flies in from Chicago after Jane tells her about the nuptials to try to talk Sydney out of it; and certainly not Michael himself, though he likes the idea of losing his medical license and possibly his freedom (due to incarceration) even less. So: it happens. But then the answer to Michael’s problems comes to him in a dream. Jo is woozy and nauseated on the set of a photo shoot, but it’s not, as her assistant suggests, the flu that’s been going around: she’s pregnant with the late Reed’s baby. Under duress, she tells Jake what’s going on and that she’s not interested in remaining pregnant with her dead criminal boyfriend’s baby, but the clinic tells her she has to think about it for 24 hours and she’s a woman on Fox in the ’90s, so…she does. Helping Jo through the crisis gets Jake out of an engagement celebration for Alison and Billy with D&D boss Bruce and his wife that Amanda invited herself along to in the course of a very efficient conversation in which she also leveled extremely justified criticism at Alison’s disgusting engagement ring. Does Billy have to get Alison a ring from a recognized retailer, and with a four-figure price tag, just because it’s tradition? Clear your schedule for our podcast on “Otherwise Engaged”!