Oy! To The World

Jane tries to make the best of a bad situation, forgetting who her sister is.

Just in time for Jane to decide she should try to mend fences with her antagonists at work, Jo goes soft and asks Richard not to go through with his plans to push her out of the business — at least not so close to Christmas! Richard agrees, but doesn’t consider whether he should put the damning paperwork into a drawer or cabinet that locks. Kimberly continues treating Sydney, giving her actually good advice on how to turn herself into the perfect doctor’s wife for Michael; she also prescribes tranquilizers to help Sydney sleep, without talking her through the potential dangers of taking them. Having failed to find anything incriminating on Bobby, the FBI agents on his case try getting at him by intimidating Amanda, only to galvanize her against them and possibly all figures of authority. A trip to the doctor ends in bad news about Brooke’s pregnancy, which she can’t bring herself to tell Billy. Also present: Matt, Alan, and evidence that Jake is actually putting his loan shark loan to use on business expenses. Maybe Shooters patrons will drink so much through New Year’s that they’ll actually put him in the black! Pour yourself a cup of holiday cheer and join us for our podcast on “Oy! To The World’!