Parting Glances

When everyone gets suspicious about the true nature of Reed's boat business, Jo does some investigating she immediately regrets.

The merry partners are all ready to get down to some seafaring except, whoops, Reed announces that he had to cancel the one charter they had booked without giving anyone any notice, and he doesn’t seem to be that interested in rescheduling it, or lining up any more business. Jake and Amanda’s attempt to get him on track just ends in Amanda demanding her money back. Meanwhile, Jo discovers the secret trap door, and though she initially accepts Reed’s explanation that it’s to save him lugging valuables on and off, it’s on her mind when Jake warns her that, according to the state of California, Reed’s boat officially does not exist. Will Jo survive her own curiosity? Billy and Alison’s attempts to make a long-distance relationship work are hampered by Billy’s horny new co-worker, who’s apparently determined to set Billy up with someone immediately and won’t take “I have a girlfriend” for an answer. Out of his mind recovering in the hospital, a delirious Michael starts babbling some incriminating remarks about blood alcohol this and Matt that — unfortunately, within Sydney’s hearing. Matt and Michael aren’t sure what she’s going to do with this information, but they’re not thrilled she has it. And as Matt continues trying to understand what it’s like to work under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, he encourages Jeffrey to live his truth, with unintended consequences. Don’t say goodbye before you’ve listened to our podcast on “Parting Glances”!