Peanut Butter And Jealousy

Jo tries to detach herself from her ex, who's determined not to make it easy on her.

Jake finally tells Jo that he ran into Charles, her ex, and while he think he’s solved her problems by telling him that Jo doesn’t live at Melrose Place, Jo knows better, and goes to see him. Charles is proud to show her that he’s not drinking anymore, and is generally on his best behaviour, apologizing for not having taken her photography seriously, and for trying to turn her into a good little socialite wife. Jake bristles while following everyone’s advice — including Jo’s — that he keep his distance while Jo and Charles sort things out, which gets even harder when it seems like Charles is starting to win Jo back over. Sydney is still up Jane’s ass at work, at home, and even with her friends. When a desperate Michael accepts Sydney’s help in planning Jane’s surprise birthday party, Sydney soon gives him cause to regret it. Meanwhile, when Rhonda’s not in conference with Jane about the gown she’s going to need for her wedding in three weeks (what?), she’s trying to figure out why Matt seems so pissy about her and Terrence. As negotiated in the last episode, Alison takes Billy to the ball, and they have a good time until he tries to put his cheek against hers on the dance floor and she acts like he jammed his arm down her dress. He, in turn, gets wounded when she ditches him to go to an after-party with her office crush. Cue yet another fascinating discussion about the boundaries of their relationship, sigh. We also have much to discuss in our podcast on “Peanut Butter And Jealousy”!