Peter’s Excellent Adventure

Peter thinks he's having Kimberly committed to a mental hospital, but Betsy has her own plans for him.

Peter gets a lot of bad news right away: Alycia’s dead, Kimberly’s in the wind, and all evidence points to him as Bobby’s murderer. At least he convinces Amanda that he didn’t kill her ex, even though she, you know, obviously knows he definitely DID try to kill AMANDA HERSELF. But never mind! He’s very pleased when Kimberly appears at his house out of the blue, but despite criticizing MICHAEL earlier for not noticing wild swings in Kimberly’s personality, Peter does not interpret the headband and sister-wife dress as representing one of Kimberly’s alters. Betsy pretends to agree to corroborate Peter’s alibi to the cops, but then enacts her own scheme to get him out of her way. Will amateur sleuths Michael and Amanda crack the case in time? After Alison gets between Richard and Jake (or rather Jake’s murderous rage), she manages to talk Jane into meeting with a friend of Alison’s at the DA’s office (?) about pressing charges against Richard — and Jane does seem optimistic and energized in Alison’s pal’s office…until she warns Jane about how weak her case is, and how humiliating it will be for Jane to go through with it. Alison and Jake try to hector Jane into following all the “correct” steps for a sexual assault survivor, but Jane has other ideas. And when Dr. O’Malley isn’t treating an obstreperous unhoused teen with a mysterious illness (though Matt is taking the brunt of the kid’s sarcastic abuse), he’s making things awkward with Jo by spouting off about irresponsible parents who give birth to children they then don’t raise themselves. Oops! Won’t you join us in our podcast on “Peter’s Excellent Adventure”?