Picture Imperfect

Alison gets a promotion and a new colleague in D&D Art Director Amanda Woodward. She seems nice!

When one of Alison’s never-seen co-workers gets bounced for dating a client (and losing the agency the business when the relationship went sour), Alison gets a promotion to assistant account executive! She’s going to be working with an art director named Amanda Woodward on Maximum Advantage, a men’s underwear brand. None of the agency’s usual photographers is available, so Alison takes a flyer on Jo, who decides to go in a bold direction with her artistic concept and hang out with the tennis-star model afterward — at Shooters, so why she is then astonished to piss off Jake in the process is a real mystery because obviously he is also there. Billy agrees to let Michael fix him up on a blind date with Lydia, a nurse at the hospital. He’s not into her, and she’s not into him either, but they’re both so WASPy that somehow they end up on a crappy second date together. And Rhonda is, once again, doubting that she’s ready to commit to Terrence — but this time, she might not let Matt talk her out of fleeing. We discuss it all in our podcast on “Picture Imperfect”!