Again With This kicks off coverage of Melrose Place with the super-sized pilot featuring repeat visits from a thirsty Kelly Taylor

Beverly Hills, 90210’s back door opens onto Melrose Place, a hip apartment complex occupied by a demographically diverse group of cool twentysomethings with gritty problems of the sort the West Beverly High gang could scarcely imagine. Jake tries his best to get rid of Kelly by telling her not that “dating” her would be a literal crime, but that he’s stressed about where his next job is coming from. This doesn’t actually work, as she continues stalking him until Donna, David, and Steve are all moved to follow her on her date (at Shooters, oy) to try to embarrass her into getting a grip. Alison, whose old roommate has fled in the night and stuck her with the whole month’s rent, scrambles to replace her; circumstances (a bunch of terrible applicants) force her to accept her first ever male roommate — aspiring writer Billy. Managing his guy-ness while also navigating the “mentorship” of a D&D exec make this a very stressful few days for the pride of the University of Wisconsin. Rounding out the cast, we meet Jane and Michael, who try to keep the spark of their marriage alive despite the demands of his career as a hospital resident; Rhonda, a Cardio Funk instructor more than a little desperate to stop being single; Sandy, a southern-belle actress who mostly exists here to needle Jake about his jailbait girlfriend; and Gay Matt, who is gay. Let’s all go deep on the Melrose Place pilot!