Polluted Affairs

Is Alison's new marine biologist crush telling her fish tales -- and, if so, should she give him a chance just for the halibut?

A chance encounter with Keith, a guy tabling on Melrose about marine ecology, leads Alison to an environmental lecture…then drinks…..then dinner………and then some pretty polished seduction for someone who says he just got out of a very long-term relationship and has probably slept with fewer people than Alison has. Billy suspects Keith is too good to be true, but could Billy possibly be right? He’s certainly wrong about personal finance, as we learn when he investigates his many failed credit card applications and finds out he has bad credit. But what could a recent college graduate who, until recently, lived with his parents have possibly done to make himself such a bad risk? Prepare to learn all about what passed for “crippling student debt” back in 1992. Jane decides it’s time for her to lose the last five pounds she put on during her pregnancy, because surely that will remedy whatever lingering feelings of dissatisfaction or vague sadness are continuing to plague her — you know, about the fit of her jeans, and nothing else. Strap on your scuba gear and join us as we discuss “Polluted Affairs”!