Postmortem Madness

Who survived the Melrose Place bombing?! ...Many more people than you would expect, actually.

The Season 4 premiere picks up where the Season 3 finale left off: with Kimberly setting off an explosion at the Melrose Place apartment complex!!! In the immediate aftermath, we kind of just have to sort out who lived and died, but don’t worry — there are way more of the former than the latter. Peter has Kimberly (justifiably) committed to a psych ward; it doesn’t seem like Schmob is still bothering her, but she also can’t remember her part in the bombing or believe she actually could have done it. Billy and Brooke’s marriage gets off to a rocky start when Billy asks to postpone the honeymoon due to, you know, all his friends who are injured — most notably Alison, who has gone blind. It’s probably only temporary, but she doesn’t want Billy to know that. Matt is hurt by what he perceives as his parents’ lack of support following his arrest on charges of capital murder, but does accept the fancy criminal lawyer they set him up with. Considering how much he hated Jess, and the reason the two of them were fighting at that construction site in the first place — namely that Jess brutally attacked Jo — Jake is being pretty pissy at Jo, the only other person in L.A. who is grieving Jess. And when Jane sees an opportunity for her career opening up thanks to the bombing, she doesn’t really try to make it palatable for Richard, who finds her plans for the future of his company rather ghoulish. Please join us for our audio autopsy of “Postmortem Madness”!