Michael discovers a shortcut to the position of Chief Resident. Yeehaw!

With Sydney settling into her work managing Lauren’s call girl business, Michael can’t help getting curious about her little black book, and very quickly finds useful information in it: it seems Dr. Levin, his antagonist at the hospital, is a client! Since Michael isn’t going to be able to advance on the traditional path of doing reliably good work, he opts for blackmail instead. Everything in his life sure is falling into place! No further drama on the horizon for him, probably! It’s starting to be a problem for Alison, and the therapeutic process, that Dr. Miller is exactly her type. Even Billy knows it’s worrisome not only that Alison kept her therapy a secret from him, but that (as Amanda reports) Dr. Miller is casual enough to have “sessions” over seafood lunch at the marina. He confronts Dr. Miller about hitting on Alison, which Dr. Miller denies he is doing; then Alison confronts him about not hitting on her? Eep. Both Amanda and Jo notice weird clunking noises at Amanda’s place, though when they investigate the apparent source — the vacant apartment next door — they don’t find anything; that’s because Peeping Ted has moved on from the hole behind Amanda’s shower to the attic above her bedroom. However, his horniess apparently makes him careless, and he can’t escape discovery forever. Find a comfortable position (mood stabilizers optional) and join us for our podcast on “Psycho-Therapy”!