Pushing Boundaries

Billy tries to convince himself his ascendancy at Escapades is due to his talent and not his boss's horniness.

Amanda, against all reason, has continued trying to reach out to Billy and, rightly suspecting the reason he’s not answering her messages is because Alison isn’t giving them to him, forces the issue with a little light stalking. Thus Alison, who’s already eating Amanda’s shit at work as she tries to regain the stature she enjoyed pre-Seattle, also has to eat shit for interfering in Billy and Amanda’s friendship. But Billy has more pressing matters to deal with — specifically, his boss Nancy pressing herself up against him. Instead of firing Billy after Cameron narcs on him for not having gone to Columbia at all, Nancy gives Billy a “second chance” in the form of a promotion to staff writer, and is so hot for Billy that she comes on to him in a glass-walled conference room where Alison sees the whole thing. Billy doesn’t want to believe that his rise is due to his butt, until Nancy makes her intentions impossible to ignore. Speaking of people crossing lines: Kimberly confesses her feelings for Michael, and then flees, thinking nothing can come of them because he’s married. Is she correct? (Spoiler: no.) And Matt meets a cute guy at Shooters and they go on a date! Too bad he’s an aspiring one-percenter with no personal ethics in his career or, apparently, life. We discuss it all in our podcast on “Pushing Boundaries”!