Quest For Mother

On the anniversary of Beth's death, Taylor reveals yet another shocking family secret.

When, as predicted, Peter learns he’s out of contention for the Wilshire Memorial chief of staff job, he ponders a change of career. Amanda thinks transitioning into medical research would be fine, but actually, he’s thinking golf pro! She’s annoyed enough by that prospect that she doesn’t even notice Taylor sneakily reserving him to join her in marking the anniversary of Beth’s death, but lighting candles in her memory isn’t all she plans to do. Also: Taylor’s request for two nights off a week from the restaurant leads Kyle to the dangerous choice of hiring Sydney as her part-time replacement. Michael, conflicted about the divorce, decides to move out of the beach house and in with Matt, instead of Megan. This is just fine with Dan, who asks Matt to sublet his place to Michael and move in with Dan instead! Matt is wary, but is he wary enough? Craig uses the mere threat of exposing Arthur’s as-yet-undisclosed misdeeds to get him to drop the lawsuit; however, this win in his professional life is cancelled out by a loss in his personal life, as Samantha proves receptive to Billy’s whispers about what Craig may expect in return for renting the studio for her. Finally, Jane successfully tracks down her biological mother, Sherry (Donna Mills!), but is disappointed that Sherry does not share her eagerness to connect. Your search is over: our podcast on “Quest For Mother” is right here!