Reunion Blues

Amanda takes her bitterness over Palmer's arrest out on everyone except its rightful target, for exactly as long as she can.

Though Palmer has been offscreen since his arrest — working on his defense, presumably! — Amanda has continued to attack the person she thinks is to blame for it, and is now trying to evict Jake on the grounds of “spite,” which they both know is flagrantly illegal. Thinking she can exploit Jo’s anger over the end of her relationship with Jake (despite the fact that, you know, he started dating Amanda herself seconds later), she tries to get Jo to write a letter attesting to the damage Jake did to Jo’s apartment in support of his eviction; Jo refuses, though that doesn’t stop Amanda from just telling Jake she did to try to squeeze him. Eventually, the feds freeze the funds Palmer paid Jake, permitting Amanda to proceed on the basis of his having bounced a rent cheque to her, but she doesn’t get far before Palmer asks her for a meeting to make a very difficult admission. (Oh, and in the midst of all this, she agrees to Billy’s request that she not tell Alison they slept together, but then turns around and screws over Alison a different way, removing her from the MICROCOMP account for sleeping with Steve.) Sydney manages to stay out of sex work for exactly as long as it takes for someone to offer her another gig. Too bad she didn’t stay with Lauren long enough to take a seminar on how to tell when a john is actually an undercover vice cop getting ready to entrap you! The only person she can think to ask to bail her out is Michael, who arrives at a typically Mancinian way for her to repay his favour. Alison talks Jo into attending her ten-year high-school reunion, against her better judgment; it turns out to be exactly the hellish affair Jo expected, except for her reconnection with her old flame Reed Carter. When she learns that he’s freshly freed from incarceration on a false drug charge, she decides it’s for the best that he lives in the Bay Area and their paths are unlikely to cross again for another ten years…or are they?! You shouldn’t be sad about our podcast on “Reunion Blues”!