Run, Billy, Run

Peter finds out too late how his scheming against Bobby will blow back on Amanda.

This plot to bring down Bobby’s cable company is turning out to be a real drag for everyone behind it! First Alycia has an attack of conscience about making Bobby look like a mobster when what he wanted most was to go legit. Then Peter hears from Amanda that she’s on the company’s board of directors, so if Bobby goes down, he might drag her down with him. Will Peter be able to get this scandal train off the tracks before it crushes his beloved?! After Alison sleeps with Billy and THEN tells him she’s finished with him as a boyfriend prospect, Billy has nothing but time to launch his own schemes at D&D: he tricks Amanda into agreeing to a gigantic raise if he can successfully pitch an airline client, then bones an employee from a rival agency to find out what they’re going to be presenting. And would you believe there’s even MORE workplace sabotage on the docket this week? After Jane abandons her own collection, having seen all her inspiration purloined by Richard, she takes advantage of Jo’s extremely extra runway design to bring Richard’s fashion show to an abrupt halt. Finally, Sydney settles uneasily into her new role as the Burns & Mancini office manager, and Matt continues fuming about Alan’s upcoming sham nuptials. Don’t walk to our podcast on “Run, Billy, Run”!