Ruthless People

Billy discovers new depths to sink to in his pursuit of...success at a midsized ad agency?

It’s not only that Billy continues to be the absolute worst — which he absolutely does. It’s that Amanda keeps coming right up to the edge of shutting him down and then doesn’t, because even though he’s a pig, he’s a pig who’s bringing work to the agency. This time, his risky gambit is to take a vodka client he and Alison are pitching to get a true “American” experience at a strip club with mud wrestling, and then try to close the client by letting the guy mud-wrestle Alison. And when he steps to Amanda’s own marquee client? …Well, maybe we can forgive her for not reprimanding him since she’s got other things on her mind, which we’ll get to. The plans for Alan and Val’s wedding cause tension between Alan and Matt, which only rises when Alan’s doting parents show up, so relieved that the boy they’d been worrying about is not actually Funny or That Way that they’re throwing themselves into the wedding festivities with near-evangelical fervor. Matt’s attempt to seek comfort from David, apparently his only friend, only complicates matters. Things have been going so well for Kimberly lately that it’s time for her to start experiencing a new mental health issue. When Amanda accepts Alycia’s framing of Bobby’s legal difficulties, Bobby takes his disappointment out on Amanda’s door frame. And Richard reaches rock bottom, but maybe Jane shouldn’t gloat too much about how he got there. We bring no mercy to our podcast on “Ruthless People”!