Saving Ryan’s Privates

Kyle hits bottom, then digs.

The good news is that after seeing his worst qualities reflected in his awful father, Kyle has realized that he does, finally, have to tell Amanda what’s driven him to drink and pills. The bad news is that he does so immediately after setting the dream house frame on fire and driving off to parts unknown. Amid and around waiting for him to return, Amanda decides to send Ryan to Mexico for a resort client pitch meeting, and Lexi decides to send herself as soon as she knows he’s going. Amanda also manages Sharp Objects out of the rock and roll club in Kyle’s absence, pissing off Eve, who thinks Amanda’s doing it on Peter’s orders to sabotage Eve’s career. (Peter also finds time to comfort Amanda…maybe a little too well?) Elsewhere, we find out what exactly Michael has been doing with Nurse Audrey, and whether he found the right partner for a scheme based on sexual intrigue. Get ready to salute our podcast on “Saving Ryan’s Privates”!