Screams From A Marriage

A couple of marriages explode, with a third seeming soon to follow.

Amanda immediately regrets revenge-boning Craig, but honestly, she gets off easiest in this episode! Taylor takes her bruised face to Peter’s, and is horrified to learn that Peter totally knew that Amanda saw them fooling around but declined to tell her: now she’s worried that the information is going to get back to Kyle, known loose cannon. Turns out she’s right to be worried about BOTH those things, and probably should have spent some of her commuting time coming up with better cover stories than “I was at the gym” to satisfy Kyle’s curiosity. She’s such a bad liar, in fact, that Kyle returns to Nick to find out what HE knows; when he hears the tape of Taylor and Peter’s filthy phone sex, it seems like he really wishes he hadn’t. Josh The Pimp hatches an extremely baroque plan: Kimberly will think she’s showing Michael that Megan is seeing clients again, but ACTUALLY Josh and Megan will be setting Kimberly up to look like a liar by lining up a fake client. But could it ACTUALLY be the case that Josh has his own agenda? HMMM. Also Matt has a brother named Luke — or, rather, had, because the first time we’re hearing about him is when their mom tells Matt that he died in a plane crash, leaving a teen daughter, Chelsea, who may have bigger issues than either of Luke’s adult survivors is prepared to deal with. HEY! Sorry to yell — we just want you to listen to our podcast on “Screams From A Marriage”!