Second Chances

Jake has a proposition for Alison, but it's nowhere near as filthy as all their neighbours assume.

When Alison literally ends a poker party by boring everyone with tales of her college cramming techniques, Jake is the only one intrigued…because it turns out he’s about to take the GED exam and would like her help studying; he’d also like her to keep this whole project a secret from the rest of the nitwits in the complex, which of course means that when a bunch of them catch Alison coming out of Jake’s apartment at 7 AM on a Saturday having fallen asleep amongst the books, they all jump to the wrong conclusion and Alison is too scrupulous to correct them. Billy and Sandy are united in not even caring if Jake and Alison are hooking up! They don’t care at all!!! Rhonda is strangely ambivalent about attending a performance by a dance company featuring her old friend, Theresa. Matt gets the whole story over dinner with both of them: Rhonda and Theresa were both up for a spot in the company, but Rhonda broke her foot and missed the audition, and now she teaches Cardio Funk while Theresa enthralls audiences as a modern dancer. Theresa and Matt both urge Rhonda to try out for a slot the company has open now, but the more time Rhonda and Theresa spend together, the more obvious it is that there is still a lot of mutual resentment between them. We hope you won’t resent our coverage of “Second Chances”!