Secrets And Lies And More Lies

The jazz club stops being annoying in the abstract and starts being annoying as a standing set.

Amanda returns from the DR divorced and in a great mood…until she learns that Sydney’s employment was a condition of her settling her lawsuit. Sydney is suspicious about why Amanda is putting so many D&D resources behind the launch of Kyle’s stupid club, while Amanda is greedily jealous of Craig’s relationship with Sydney even though Amanda didn’t even want him when she could have easily had him, and just regular jealous that Kyle hired Jennifer to tend bar at the club without running it by Amanda first. Colleen comes back to town upon the very predictable end of her marriage, bringing David to spend some time with Jake before Colleen and David move out of state; Alison gets just as predictably bent out of shape about it, given that she was already worried that her infertility was denying Jake one of his longest-held life goals. Billy eludes the cops to get Jim his cash, only to learn there’s yet another stipulation: Jim isn’t leaving town without Sam. This finally leads Sam and Billy to come clean to the cops…but will they have done so in time? Michael and Taylor enact their plot against Peter, causing Megan to become suspicious about Michael’s possibly cheating on her (again) with his partner’s wife. And Matt and Chelsea are still here, spinning their wheels. We are telling the absolute truth: we’ve brought you a new podcast on “Secrets And Lies And More Lies”!