Sex, Drugs And Rockin’ The Cradle

While Alison goes to rehab and meets a sex-addicted football player, Susan helps keep the drama raging back home.

Alison tries to commit to treatment at Twin Oaks, but keeps getting static from Terry, an NFL star in her group who thinks she’s being resistant to the process. After she confronts him about his third-grade-calibre attention-seeking, he admits that there’s something to it: he’s lashing out because he’s also sexually compulsive, and he’s drawn to her. When Billy doesn’t appear at a special meeting for Twin Oaks clients to thank the people who got them to seek treatment (because, unbeknownst to Alison, Susan never gave him her message), Alison sneaks out and gets wasted, but Terry is waiting when she finds her way back, and helps keep her from getting kicked out. Once Billy finds out about Susan, the love triangle loses a side…but maybe Terry would like to replace her? Michael is hung up on Jane after their one-night-stand, and since he won’t take “get lost” for an answer, she redirects the roses he sends her to the beach house, complete with card. Kimberly gives Michael an ultimatum, and he chooses their family, just in time for “Michael Jr.” to start running a terrible fever. Scared to have him admitted to the hospital and have to answer a bunch of questions, Kimberly tells Michael why: she bought him on the black market! But when Jo hears from Matt that the Mancini baby isn’t well, she convinces Michael to test his DNA and confirm her parentage. Two couples are on the rocks: Sydney and Jake, because of the whole kidnapping thing; and Amanda and Peter, because he’s too controlling. And with Matt and Jeffrey spending more and more time together, the former thinks it’s time for them to consider moving in together, while the latter is — you guessed it — scared and weird about it. Grab the intoxicant of your choice (none of our business) and join us for our podcast on “Sex, Drugs And Rockin’ The Cradle”!