Simply Shocking

Brooke takes a quick jaunt to Miami to dig up Amanda's secrets.

Since discovering Amanda PAREZI’s Florida driver’s license, Brooke evidently hasn’t stopped thinking about what it could mean and how to use it to her advantage. So when she heads off to Miami to (as far as Billy knows) investigate a commercial real estate investment, she quickly turns up Amanda and Jack’s wedding announcement and Jack’s home address, where she meets the man himself and determines that his wife, Amanda, died five years ago. Brooke returns to L.A. to extort her way into a better job and there will probably be no further repercussions! At all! Oh, and while she was gone, Billy started to share her suspicions that Alison’s eyesight had returned, and got Alison to come clean. Peter confides in Sydney that the reason he’s so focused on keeping Kimberly out of detention is that he had a sister who was mentally ill, and was too young to have helped her when she was in crisis. Michael decides the best way to keep Kimberly from being released is to keep riling her up in her cell, and he’s got a great idea how to do it: reunite with Sydney, bring her to jail, and make out with her in front of Kimberly! Meanwhile, Dr. Calvin Hobbs has no compunction gloating to Peter and Michael about his having fired Matt for being a [slur redacted]. Matt just wants to drink his problems away, but Michael encourages Matt to seek redress so that Hobbs will get fired and clear a path for Michael to replace him. Michael even refers the matter to a local LGBT advocacy group, but Matt doesn’t want to pursue the case…or does he? Jane and Richard continue having the same fight — Richard is annoyed that Jane is taking over so much of the business, and Jane is annoyed by his attachment to a dead woman — which they briefly suspend so that he can propose and she can accept, just as long as he keeps it quiet until after the fashion show for their make-or-break spring line. And with Jo so wrapped up at the studio, she’s missing a lot of developments between Jake and Shelly, from Shelly crashing at Jake’s to Jake telling Shelly the truth about how Jess died to Shelly starting work as the new bookkeeper at Shooters. Jo wonders why Shelly would WANT to spend so much time with the man who killed…the man she thought she was just about to reconcile with. Hmmm, now so are we! You’ll be electrified by our podcast on “Simply Shocking”!