Single White Sister

Jane's younger sister Sydney comes for a long weekend...or maybe a week.....or maybe to move into Jane's whole life.

Jane thinks nothing of it when she’s awakened by a phone call from her sister Sydney, who’s come to L.A. without letting anybody know. She just needed a break from college — no big deal! But it doesn’t take long for Sydney’s story to crumble: actually, she was getting terrible grades in all her classes, so she dropped out. What’s she going to do with her life instead? Maybe squat on Jane and Michael’s fold-out couch and loiter around the Kay Beacon Design Studio making Jane crazy. Jake thinks he’s come up with a great surprise for Jo: since he’s getting a great deal on a new Harley, he’s going to let her have his old one…on very favorable terms? (This guy could possibly stand to take another run at the definition of the word “gift” in the dictionary.) Jo turns him down, and Jake is so preoccupied by his own wounded pride that he can’t see what’s bothering her: it appears as though the husband she fled has managed to track her down. Alison is granted an invitation to a work-related formal event and needs a date. Billy is all ready to set her up with his friend Tom until it seems like Tom and Alison might actually like each other. Terrence continues drawing Rhonda into his fancy life — now including his fancy friends — but when their first dinner party goes badly, Rhonda becomes convinced that he’s not actually interested in a woman who sleeps in t-shirts and teaches Cardio Funk. Is she right? Find out with our podcast on “Single White Sister”!