Sole Sister

Talking to Billy reminds Alison that there are worse things than entangling herself further with Jake.

Work continues to be a trial for both Peter and Amanda, although given their natural temperaments, he’s having a harder time with it than she is. After choking in surgery at the end of the previous episode, Peter assumes — probably correctly — that he’s doomed his chance to be Chief of Staff, and mopes that he’s in a tailspin. Amanda’s basically like, “You’ll get yourself out of it, byeeeee,” and takes off to D&D, where she continues manipulating Craig to achieve her own ends. The Craig era isn’t great for Billy either, and two of his still-living exes are really showing him up: Alison is seriously mulling Jake’s partnership offer, and Samantha’s being showered with expensive gifts by Craig, Billy’s mortal enemy. Jane returns from Chicago and shares her big news with Sydney, who is nearly as shaken by it as Jane was herself. Sydney is upset at the thought that Jane already doesn’t consider them sisters anymore, partly because she needs to talk to someone about Kyle and Jane’s all she’s got. But Jane is focused on one thing: tracking down her biological mother. Elsewhere, Megan can’t help feeling that Michael is comparing her to Kimberly and finding her wanting; and Matt gets a troubling glimpse at what Dan has been like with other partners. Take off those walking shoes, get comfy, and join us for our podcast on “Sole Sister”!