St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

Sydney gets out of the hole, but that doesn't mean all her troubles are behind her.

Once Sydney gets to see daylight again, she assesses her options and decides to stay at the compound. Martin takes this as proof that he’s broken her, apparently, because he shows her where they keep the Abbot Way arsenal and starts right in on small arms training. What they don’t know is that, back in L.A., Jane’s been doing some research on Martin, figured out he’s bad news, and convinced Jake to come with her to the compound to try to break Sydney out. Amanda has started chemotherapy, but is (of course) a terrible patient who refuses to acknowledge the physical toll it’s going to take on her and adjust her working life in any way. As she leans more and more on Michael, Kimberly gets more and more suspicious. When Rawlings stalks Matt to Shooters and corners him into an introduction to Jo, he volunteers to be her chaperone while she shoots some of the seedier L.A. street life for a newspaper. But when he gets a call about a drug dealer, Jo gets a little too curious, and finds out what Kimberly already knew: Rawlings just loves abusing his power as a police officer — and when he’s got a repeat offender in front of him, that’s going to manifest in a pretty brutal beating, which Jo, secretly, photographs extensively. We didn’t get you a dozen roses, but we hope you’ll feel just as loved by this gift of a podcast on “St. Valentine’s Day Massacre”!