State Of Need

When Amanda tells him she is pregnant, Billy strains to understand how babby is formed.

Now that they’ve MADE LOVE, everything is going so great for Billy and Alison — other than her need to talk their relationship to death, that is. It’s just terrible, awful timing that the couple has barely had time to shower each other’s stink off when Amanda informs Billy that she’s missed her period and, according to a home test, she’s pregnant. Instead of waiting for a doctor’s confirmation, Billy blurts this news at Alison, who immediately starts spinning out. Billy doesn’t have very much more chill, and basically forces a disgusted Amanda to tell him she doesn’t expect anything from him, possibly because she doesn’t trust his ability to so much as hold a baby without dropping it. Jane having kicked him out, Michael is full of regret and desperate for her to forgive him, even telling Kimberly he wants to break things off with her so that he and Jane can reconcile, and then begging Alison to broker a meeting between him and Jane. Reluctantly, Jane agrees to counseling, and to letting him back into the apartment (though only on the couch), though when he gets beeped to come in on a mass casualty at the hospital, she has to admit she still doesn’t trust him AND AS WE KNOW, SHE PROBABLY SHOULDN’T. Jo is still hanging out with Karen the model, who invites Jo and Jake out dancing and hits on them both. Are they hip enough to consider opening up their relationship to a hot bisexual model? We discuss that and more in our podcast on “State Of Need”!