Strange Bedfellows

Billy and Alison try out dating people who aren't each other.

Now that Alison has been forced to accept that Billy really actually did mean it when he moved out on her and in with Jake, she’s free to go ahead and lock down Steve, as she had threatened to do in the last episode. There’s just one problem: Steve’s on his way to spend six months in Paris setting up MICROCOMP’s European operation. But will he still go once he finds out Alison’s finally single? Billy and Celia get assigned a joint feature on video dating, and though his reservations about taking on a subject that was passé even in 1992, this is Celia’s first break at Escapade and she is determined not to let Billy and his sudden dim view of women screw it up for her. (Remember: she’s new.) Just when Jake thinks he’s all done informing to the FBI, Agent Hill asks him to wear a wire and record Palmer incriminating himself. Jake thinks he can just decline the request, so Agent Hill has to explain how Palmer hand-picked Jake to be his fall guy, and will pin all his crimes on Jake if the FBI can’t make an airtight case against him. Michael continues trying to worm his way back into Jane’s affections — or, failing that, to inconvenience her so much that Robert will dump her — but when he falls on the floor while he’s at her place alone, Sydney’s the only one to hear his cries for help, and proves she is his true soulmate by turning the situation to her advantage. Snuggle in between the sheets and join us for our podcast on “Strange Bedfellows”!