Suspicious Minds

One complicating player departs the Billy/Alison/Amanda plotline, while another re-enters, in the Season 1 finale.

Where to begin with this actually pretty plot-filled two-part season finale? Well: the mysterious Mr. K. is selling the complex. Also: let’s just say Amanda’s pregnancy’s not going to be a problem for Billy and Alison anymore. That’s not to say that Amanda isn’t going to be a problem for them anymore, because she is still very into Billy and openly pursuing him, basically daring Alison to try to compete with her. What Alison doesn’t realize is that she has another suitor she could fall back on because, yes, Keith has improbably come back to town. He’s all ready to propose to his “girlfriend,” as he apparently still thinks Alison is, until he spots her canoodling with Billy and decides to start stalking her instead. Michael continues his campaign to make Jane forgive him, taking her out of town to seduce her…but then comes back to the hospital to let Kimberly know he’s still totally down to clown if she is. Jo decides she’d better not try to take any photos of unhomed persons on Skid Row — in the middle of the day, mind you — without arming herself with the handgun she totally still has. She then gets pulled over on a routine traffic stop and thinks it’s no big deal to shove it out of the way in her purse when she’s going for her license and registration, getting arrested on a gun charge, obviously. Jake is so furious that he considers withdrawing his offer to shack up with her, not that she particularly seems to care. And after waiting vainly for Terrance to re-propose, Rhonda realizes that Matt is right and that she should just grow up and propose to him instead. We propose that you join us for our podcast on “Suspicious Minds”!