Swept Away

Reed challenges Jo to give up her square old life and be the Bonnie to his Clyde, but mostly just tries to prevent her from escaping the boat.

Reed understands why Jo is frustrated, having been stuck in the hold of his stupid boat for the better part of a day without food, water, much air, or a toilet. But she’s just going to have to stay down there until his drug business is concluded — and honestly it’s her own fault for having looked into said business in the first place. Once he’s sprung her, he goes to work convincing her that she’ll be happier on the run with him than back in her dull, safe L.A. life, and maybe saved a little of his supply for his own use because she manages to get out of his eyeline a couple of times. Will Reed convince Jo to sign on for (yo ho, yo ho) a pirate’s life? Alison, having figured out she was wildly overreacted to the scene at Billy’s, remained in New York to talk it out with him. Agreeing that long-distance relationships suck and getting him to bone her apparently convince him that she wants him to surprise her by arranging for all her stuff to be moved to his place in New York. This proves to be an egregious miscalculation, and not his last for the episode. Sydney continues pressing her advantage with Michael, letting him know she’s collected actual eyewitness evidence of his drinking on the night of the car accident and trolling him at work by sneaking into the lounge to put newspaper clippings about drunk driving accidents on the cork board. Her needling culminates in her showing up at the beach house with several suitcases and announcing that she’s moving in. Michael responds with some threats and rough sex, but guess what? That’s probably what she would have done to him if he hadn’t started it, so it doesn’t exactly scare her off. Let us sweep you away with our latest podcast, all about “Swept Away”!