Sydney, Bothered & Bewildered

Sydney's efforts to extract Jane from her life get increasingly desperate.

Jane’s ongoing paralysis storyline basically embroils everyone this week, so let’s run down the list. Peter, because Michael has made good on his threat to move out of the beach house as long as both Andrews sisters are there, and is now Odd Coupling it up at Peter’s place. Bobby and Amanda, because their story branches off from Peter’s. Matt, because Jo has brought him the pills she found in Richard’s office to identify. Jake, because suddenly he likes Jane again. And Kimberly, because she was basically the mastermind behind the whole thing, wittingly or not. Folks: it’s a lot. But that’s not all: we also have the toxic triangle of Brooke, Billy, and Alison. Because of her lingering sense of responsibility toward Brooke due to having technically been her stepmother for five minutes, Alison is letting Brooke walk all over her at work. When Brooke misinterprets a moment between Billy and Alison in the D&D bullpen, things escalate. We hope you are bewitched by our podcast on “Sydney, Bothered & Bewildered”!