The Accidental Doctor

Sherry folds under the pressure of Jane's expectations as Sydney gets closer to her millionaire.

Sherry’s holiday stay with Jane has now stretched into January, fraying the patience of everyone but an oblivious Jane. Sherry returns to her own place, and her local bar, worn down by the stress of living up to all of Jane’s hopes for their relationship; Sydney, fortunately, can temporarily forget her irritation at Sherry’s presence in their lives by spending more time with Carter — very lucrative time, in fact. Sam doesn’t seem to be at the store at all, as she runs around trying to sell some of her old paintings for quick cash so she can make it home to Maryland for a family reunion. But will her work find a good home? Peter is not having a great time during his separation from Amanda, which Taylor is straining to make permanent. Things at the practice are still tenuous too; can anything help him recover his confidence as a doctor? In other relationship news, Kimberly continues to puppeteer Megan into securing Michael’s affections, while Dan escalates his control over Matt. Put down your stethoscope and put on your headphones for our podcast on “The Accidental Doctor”!